Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just a Random Adventure

Yesterday night I was with one of my old roommates (Coryse). She wanted Subway so we drove to a Subway down the street. It was about 10 minutes to 9:00 when we pulled up, and it was closed! I read the sign on the door that said "Closed due to lack of bread". It was ridiculous. We didn't give up that easily though! We drove a little further to a Subway right next to campus. When we arrived we got out of the car and were excited to see the lights on and a couple customers inside. We both pushed at the doors and were sad to find that the doors were locked! I checked my phone and it was 9:03, and the sign on the door informed us that they locked it at 9:00. We stood outside for a minute, staring at the two employees with sad faces, but they pointedly ignored us. Coryse and I walked dejectedly back to the car and I waited for her to dig through her pit-of-death purse looking for her keys. I looked longingly towards the smelly food establishment and observed one of the customers unlock the door and leave with his half eaten sandwich.
"Coryse." I said, pointing as the door swung shut.
We looked at each other, then bolted out of the car and ran suspiciously through the recently unlocked doors of Subway. As we tripped inside, the male worker put up his hand but Coryse and I both looked up at the menu simultaneously as if we didn't see him. The female worker went behind the counter and grudgingly asked us what we were having. As she made our sandwich she had a hushed though very obvious conversation with the male worker.
"I should have just ran and locked the door after that guy left!" he exclaimed loudly hushed. "I should be meaner!" Then he banged his way into the back room leaving us with the midly amused girl, who we watched carefully, making sure she didn't let saliva fall into Coryse's sandwich. Coryse and I were able to hold ourselves together until we were out the door. Those poor Subway workers must have hated us. I'm not gonna lie, I would have hated us as well. Even though I didn't get a sandwich and came out smelling like processed cheese and stale bread it was totally worth it. I was proud of our stealthiness.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Mother Wants Me To Waste My Time

Tagged by my Mother.

Tag! 20 Random Questions...
1. Where were you born? The Pass
2. Where would you live if you would live anywhere? East Coast
3. What's you're favorite book? no favorite
4. What brand of make-up do you use? none
5. What do you do to cool down when you are mad? shop for kitchen appliances, punch the wall, sit on the couch and fume
6. Favorite quality in you're significant other? if I had one I would know
7. Do you play an instrument? piano, violin, guitar
8. Have you ever had braces? nope
9. Do you have a birthmark? yes, i have three on my left leg
10. What's you're favorite indulgence? any kind of ice cream
11. What was the last movie you watched? Win a Date With Ted Hamiliton I think
12. Who is a good friend you've lost touch with? Shelby Johnson
13. Favorite place you've vacationed? Puerto Vallarta
14. Do you know a foreign language? I understand most Spanish but I don't speak it. and I can say 'Run!' and 'Hurry!' in German.
15. Do you like your handwriting? Yes.
16. What was the last piece of mail you opened? a letter from the VA telling me I owe them money
17. What's the most random article in your purse? i don't carry a purse
18. Have you ever flown 1st class? yes, that's what happens when you fly with John
19. Are you still friends with your ex's? yes
20. What is something random about yourself? i'm a hopeless romantic

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Break Through!

Today I had a breakthrough with one of the ladies I work with! We'll call her Lottie. For the past 4 weeks every Tuesday I go to her house by 6:30am, wake her up, make her breakfast and take her to the bus stop by 7:20. She hates my guts. I call her before I leave to wake her up and usually she just tells me to shut up and hangs up on me. Then when I get there it takes me 10 or 15 minutes to get her out of bed and even more time to get her to tell me what she wants for breakfast. I sometimes have to ask her where things are and she yells at me and tells me that we (her staff) treat her like a child and I get it back from her. I dread Tuesdays. It's so hard to start my day out like that, it negatively affects the rest of my day.
Today I called Lottie to wake her up and warn her of my upcoming presence. Here is how our conversation went
her: "YES??!!"
me: "Good morning Lottie! This is Bethany and I just wanted to tell you to rise and shine to get ready for work, and I'll be there in a couple minutes!"
her: "YES!" (in an annoyed, mean way, not excitedly)
me: hang up.
So I get there and she's still in bed so I call her name several times and warn her that she only has 40 minutes to get ready for work.
"DAMNIT!" she exclaims as the throws her legs over the side of the bed and glares at me. I hand her her Prevacid that she needs to take 30 minutes before breakfast and ask her what she wants me to make her.
"I don't know!!"
So I leave her room.
When she comes into the kitchen she starts making her own breakfast. She eats in silence, both of us sitting at the table not looking at each other. Then she gets up and starts packing her lunch. Then she starts TALKING to me! She told me all about her new water bottle and her ceramics that she paints and all her first prize ribbons. My mind was blown by this time, she has never talked so much to me. THEN to my utter amazement, she starts asking me about MYSELF!! She asked what I do now that schools out and about the places I've been. Then she told me a funny story about her being on a cruise and walking like she was drinking booze. She LAUGHED and SMILED. Everytime she turned her back I pumped my fist and silently shouted for joy. We walked out to my car and she was talking about her rose bush and how roses are her favorite flower. We get in the car and she looks at me and says "Did you color your hair?"
"Yes I did!" (black)
"Omigosh! I didn't recognize you, but I remembered your car!"
That comment leads me to believe that the only reason she was nice to me was because she didn't realize that I was the same girl she's hated this whole past month! Hopefully she remembers that she can be nice to me, and I can be nice to her! It's a good day.
Except one thing. So I've had a lot of time on my hands lately and I decided that I should use it to help other people. So I've been praying to have opportunites to help others.
So I came back from work at about 8:30 this morning and as I was walking to my apartment I saw a girl sitting on the steps looking very sad. I said a cheery hello and continued up the stairs to my apartment. When I was inside I looked out the window and saw her still sitting there. I felt that I should go out and talk to her. As I was walking to the door I thought "should I get a breath mint or something?" I hesitated, ran to my room and got a breath mint and went back outside. The girl was gone. I felt really bad, if only I had just gone outside when I thought about it and not worried about a breath mint (my breath wasn't bad, it's just a comfort for me). I hope whatever was wrong with her will be resolved, or that I will get the chance to talk to her again.
I've been exercising with my jump rope and skip-it everyday! My calves are SO SORE!! I'm flushing out all my sad chemicals though, and it feels great!