Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

So my mom tagged me. I'm supposed to complete some ritual of doing the tag itself, posting the rules, tagging SIX others, and linking them. However. I don't feel like doing all that, so I will just do my thing and be on my way.
I'm supposed to write six quirky/boring things about myself.

1. For the past year, my hair hasn't been the same for more than two months...

...and those are just a handful of the stages I've gone through.

2. I love faeries...

3. ...and instruments.

I only really play the guitar, but for some strange reason, I own all of those.

4. I have a tutu, which I sometimes wear, just for fun.

5. One time I bought a rat illegally (well, the purchase itself wasn't illegal, they just aren't allowed in my apartment) and the next day it had 12 or 13 babies. I never was really able to come up with one conclusive number. There were a lot.

6. I have a purple mohawk (like a rocker), I wear sweats and a t-shirt (like an athlete), I walk with a slight limp to one side (like a cholo), I wear colors that don't match (like a punk), I love choir and drama (like a nerd), and I have a strange, strong love to my car (like a teenage boy).


Angela said...

I like your Number 6!!

Patti and Bobbi's Excellent Adventures said...

Hey, Beth - I especially love your hair in the first two pictures, but I guess that's because I'm your grama. If you want to commit the perfect crime, you should watch "Forensic Files" consistently. They reveal all the mistakes that dummies make in trying to commit the perfect crime.
Thanks for the invite to the movies - I hope we can find something better than "Kung Fu Panda."

Globe Trotters said...

You're sweet to think of me! I have yet to start running- lame- and I have all sorts of great excuses. Everymorning I promise I'm gonna do it. Mornings are better for me- but maybe not, bc I can't seem to get up to do it. Thanks for the encouragement.