Saturday, May 24, 2008

Drooling Caramel

Ok, it's time to stop grieving and to try to move on in my life. It's been three weeks. Or four. I don't really know anymore. Sitting on my butt all day will definitely NOT help ANYTHING. EVER. Hopefully the rules that I have composed will help push me to be more active and less disgusting. I am gaining weight, my brain is rotting, and I am becoming increasingly depressed. I need to do something about it, because I have the power, and why waste that? Why waste me? So here goes:

*No eating out more than twice a week

*Only $50 a paycheck is allotted to "spending money".

*For every junk food eaten, two healthy servings must be eaten beforehand.

*No sleeping past ten on the days I don't work.

*Only one hour of TV a day.

*After every 45 minutes consecutively spent on the computer I must walk OUTSIDE for at least ten minutes and try to think of something productive to do.

*Go climbing at least twice a week

*Go to the temple at least once a week

So, now everyone knows my new life rules and can support me and help me out. Sweeeet.

It's the end of May, and I am still wearing a sweater outside. Supposedly it will be warming up on Tuesday. Utah.

And gas is $3.85. Middle Easterners.

Today I decided that I wanted to make a milkshake (I'm not starting "The Rules" until next week), so I got off the couch, threw ice cream, milk, and vanilla in the blender. Then I thought, 'what the heck, I'll add more sugar'. I poured the sugar straight from the bag and lost control. EASILY I poured 3/4-1 cup of sugar in the blender. I drank it anyways and it was really intense. I'm not sure I've ever had anything so sugary enter my body. I'm on a sugar high right now.


Jen said...

i'll bet you really looked like that picture, too. i like your rules. you inspired me, so before i ate a bowl of ice crean last night, i ate a salad. by the time i was done, i didn't want the icecream anymore! thanks, beth!

Jen said...

Listen, if you want more people to comment on your blog besides your mother, you need to get out there and start commenting on other people's blogs! Just a suggestion...